Are you ready to release everything that’s getting in the way of you achieving and living your goals?

Are you ready to adopt a  new mindset for success?

If YES, your next step is…

I help people to bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. 

Everything that we experience in life is a result of our mindset. If you have been trying to achieve some goal/outcome for some time and feel like you are getting nowhere or even mixed results then on some level you are resisting it and blocking it.

It is essential that we remove what’s getting in our way in order to achieve our goals no matter what they are.  And then we need to create a mindset of success in order to experience success. 

If you are ready to release whatever is getting in your way and create a mindset designed for success book in for your Free Discovery Call now.

I work with people all over the world via Zoom online meetings.

One hour session: €150

2 hour session: €275

Half day: €500

Full day: €800 (7 hours)


Half day and full day session rates are available for more than one person either in our offices or on site when invoiced to a single payee. Minimum hours apply to on site sessions.


3 Session Offer 

Book in for 3 coaching sessions at a time and schedule that best suits you. 

Payable in advance in 1 or two instalments.

This package is valued at €450. You get it for €375. 

Intensive Coaching Programme

This 3 month programme is designed for people who want to change their bottom line in three months. 6 hours one-to-one spread over a three month period. Initial two hour master session at the start.

Guaranteed availability each month. This package is valued at €900. You get it for €700.

Payable in either one or two instalments.

Elite Coaching Programme 

12 hours one to one coaching spread through the year or shorter period if preferred. Guaranteed availability very month. This package is valued at €1,800. You get it for €1,350.

Saving €450 the equivalent of three free coaching sessions.

Instalment plan available.